Bill Clinton: “people should pressure politicians to keep changing”

Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States of America, was a perfect finish for the Laureate Summit on Youth and Jobs in Europe, which took place last Tuesday at the Villaviciosa de Odón campus of the European University.

Clinton is in charge of the William J. Clinton Foundation, which is aiming to improve health, economies and environment around the world. He is also the Honorary Rector of the Laureate International Universities and offers advice on young leadership and social responibility.

After the first three debates, all regarding young students and employees; Employers, educational and political leaders, the ex president Bill Clinton has given his opinion on the needs to impulse employment in Europe.

He thinks we should look back at how we used to live in past collapses, “like the one I suffered when I was president of my state, Arkansas”. He believes in a recovery because “we have worked under very hard conditions”.

He feels proud of his time as a Governor, to have done something, “copying an efficient model“. He believes Universities should provide a starterpoint and direct contact with businesses during studying periods, although the main problem in the USA is employing middle age non-graduates.

In his opinion, “when we modify something regarding work or education, we transform economy too, and viceversa.” The president doesn’t believe in an immediate solution. He assures the reason for a slow recovery in Europe is we tend to react late and with austerity. “Germans have put a lot of money. The rest of Europe seems to be underestimated“.

The Secretary of State’s husband said if he was President of any European country, he would ask himself two questions: ¿Who is making things better than we do? ¿What is it that we don’t do? He thinks we should then act by copying the correct model. “¿Why not? Sharing talent is positive” – Clinton joked.

Young generations have nothing to do, but are mostly affected by this situation”. In his opinion, unfortunately and fortunately their lifes will have many changes. They will feel insecure, but their lifes will be more interesting.

Bill Clinton has concluded his exposition by assuring the future belongs to people which work for constructive cooperation and has encouraged people to keep pressuring politics and economy resposibles to keep making changes.



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